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At 4Frontiers we pride ourselves in the ability to translate detailed and complex technical concepts into a form suitable for consumption by the general public. Our specialists can assist you in executing a wide range of projects, including providing technical support for movies, television programs, or theme parks and other attractions. 
Our extensive network provides us access to the specialists you need to answer your technical questions and provide the level of realism demanded by today's science and technology literate audience. A number of noted science fiction authors work with the company, and can provide custom fictional literary works. Artists, illustrators and designers are also members of the 4Frontiers team, and can provide technially accurate and stunningly detailed visualizations. We also have experts to assist in the generation of unique education packages and materials.
More information will be coming soon.

For information on 4Frontiers consultant services please contact:
Phone: 727-845-4011    Fax: 727-845-4113
"We hesitate about where to go from here in space. Yet our delay in exploiting this window of opportunity could close off choices for our descendants if the no-growth paradigm--or a failure of nerve--should come to dominate the industrial nations... Because of our technologies, and the scales of our political and economic organizations, we now have the option of taking a conscious evolutionary step, expanding the presence and influence of humanity beyond the biosphere that evolved us--and possibly beyond the limits that otherwise would constrain our future... Our generation is the first to have this choice. It may be up to us to prove that intelligence armed with technology has long-term survival value." - Michael Michaud in Life in the Universe, AAAS Selected Symposium 31, 1979
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