4Frontiers current efforts can be broken into several focus areas, including three core business segments. Though such diversity may be viewed as disparate compared to some traditional business models, the company believes exactly the opposite to be true. We believe this diversity serves as one of our strongest assets. Each of these elements is necessary to provide a sufficient foundation to move the company towards its long term business objectives. Unique synergies are realized, as milestones achieved in one segment energize other business segments. 4Frontiers will continue its efforts to expand business operations in each focus area as new opportunities avail themselves.


"Now, more than ever, we need people in space... The events of September 11 show us how vulnerable we and our civilization are down here on Earth... So let us use our strength, our awareness of mortality as a civilization, to do something truly lasting and earth-shaking for humanity. Let us join with the peoples and cultures of this planet, the diversities of its perspectives and religions and science, so we can leave it--not behind, but as a springboard to something better." - Paul Levinson, Realspace, 2003
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